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The Dangers of Digging: Underground Utilities Part 2

We often take the usefulness of unseen technologies for granted. Underground utilities help make our lives easier every single day, but we rarely stop to think about where these important utilities are located. Therefore, it is easy to overlook these vulnerable utilities when you start a new project that requires excavation. In part one of […]

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Streamlining Construction Businesses With Automation Part 2

Automation is everywhere, but the construction industry isn’t leveraging technology nearly as much as it should. The industry is plagued by inefficiency from its labor shortages to its low productivity. If businesses want to address these issues, they must embrace automation fast. In this section, our contractor attorneys in Mobile, AL will continue our discussion […]

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Streamlining Construction Businesses With Automation Part 1

Productivity is one of the greatest challenges in the construction industry. If the industry wants to meet its current demands, it must embrace automation. Construction businesses small and large can benefit from automation. According to a small and medium business trends report, small and medium business have unique needs and challenges that change the more […]

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