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Court Finds in Favor of Unlicensed Contractor

In Brock v. Garner Window & Door Sales, Inc., 187 So.3d 294 (Fla. 5th DCA 2016), the Court held that an unlicensed window installer could enforce the 4 year statute of limitations on construction contracts with licensed contractors even though he was unlicensed.  It further held that Florida Statute 489.128, Florida Statutes which makes contracts […]

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Authority of Arbitrators

“Suzlon Energy, A/S v. Ventus De Nicaragua, S. A., 38 Fla. L. Weekly D304a, Case No. 3D11-1087, filed February 6, 2013. An order confirming an arbitration award in a dispute over sales commissions for wind turbines was reversed due to the lack of authority by the buyer’s corporate representative to initiate arbitration. While the contract […]

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Attorney’s Fees and Arbitration

Jay Raubvogel, et. al., v. Credit Suisse Securities, 38 Fla.L. Weekly, Case No. 4D12-259, issued February 20, 2013: The trial court’s finding that the prevailing parties had waived the right to have the court determine attorney’s fees was reversed in the absence of any such express waiver, not merely implied by a request for fees […]

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