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Engineer and Negligence

“Joseph Rickett, P. E. v. Florida Board of Professional Engineers (DBPR), Case No. 12-1202RX, Final Order filed on March 1, 2013. Held that petitioner did not have standing to challenge Rules 61G15-19.001(4), 61G15-30-34 and 61G15-36 as being invalid; and, (2) the prosecution of negligence in the practice of engineering, a violation of s. 471.033(1)(g), F. […]

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Engineer Challenge to Project Review

Robert Wood, P. E. v. The Florida Board of Professional Engineers, DOAH Case No. 12-2900 RU, Final Order issued on February 20, 2013: An engineer’s challenge to board’s imposition of a “project review” as a condition of probation was found not to be a statement of general applicability that would require the board to adopt […]

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