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Ways to Retain Skilled Workers in Construction Part 3

In this three-part article, we are focusing on the best practices contractors and construction companies can take to retain their most talented workers. As we have discussed, the recession that resulted in an economic downturn from the late 2000’s to the early 2010’s greatly impacted the construction industry. The good news is that most companies […]

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Ways to Retain Skilled Workers in Construction Part 2

In this three-part article, we are discussing ways to retain the best workers at your company. As Knoxville construction attorneys, we know that since the recession in the late 2000’s the labor shortage problem has created a highly contentious work culture in construction that has made retaining skilled workers that much more difficult. Tangible Ways […]

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Ways to Retain Skilled Workers in Construction Part 1

After battling a recession that significantly impacted the construction sector for around a decade, companies are beginning to show sustainability and are netting successful profit margins and establishing a backlog of projects once again. In fact, every aspect of the industry is getting stronger except for one: the lack of skilled workers. Retaining the Best […]

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Tackling the Pressures of Subcontracting in Construction Industry

For every successful general contractor, there is a team of highly skilled and qualified subcontractors. Subcontractors are extremely important to the construction process, yet they face challenges daily that threaten their longevity in this industry. In this article, our Memphis contractor lawyers will briefly discuss some of the challenges subcontractors face as well as how […]

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5 Trending Topics in Construction Part 2

The construction industry is historically known to be slow to change; however, our Chattanooga construction lawyers see that the industry is working diligently to stay on top of trends as well as making necessary changes to remain competitive. In part one of our article, we discussed big data, green building, and collaborative contracts. In this […]

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5 Trending Topics in Construction Part 1

The construction industry has been making moves in several areas from big data to green building to collaborative contracts. Our Chattanooga contractor attorneys believe the future of construction is bright with the major trends listed in this two-part article. Read part two to learn more. Big Data Big data involves the collection and analysis of […]

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