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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Trent Cotney is AAA Construction Mediator, Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil and Appellate Mediator, and a Department of Business and Professional Regulation Condominium and Homeowner’s Association mediator. He has mediated a variety of disputes involving commercial and construction matters both informally and formally through the mediation process. In addition, Mr. Cotney is a member of AAA Panel of Construction Arbitrators and a Qualified Court-Appointed Arbitrator that specializes in arbitrating construction disputes. Cotney Construction Law provides all alternative dispute resolution services at fixed rates with no required hourly minimum and no cancellation fee.

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OSHA Update: New Year, New Direction?

Based on a significant shift in leadership, many are speculating on possible changes to OSHA’s practices enforcement  going into 2018.  Given the current administration’s reputation for opposing regulation, some believe that OSHA will start to favor compliance rather than enforcement.

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 4

At Cotney Construction Law, we represent construction professionals and offer aggressive defense against Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations. Substance abuse can cost a...

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 3

As we discussed in the first and second sections, one growing concern in the construction industry is in regard to

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry Part 2

In this four-part article, we are discussing the significant impact the opioid crisis is currently having on the construction industry. When workers are under the...

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