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4 Reasons to Avoid Parking on Sidewalks During Construction Projects Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, our Florida construction attorneys discussed two reasons why contractors should avoid allowing their workers to park personal vehicles and work-related vehicles on sidewalks during construction projects including:

  1. The high potential for violations under Chapter 316 of the State Uniform Traffic Control in the 2018 Florida Statutes.
  2. The increased pressure on city governments from pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists to crack down on construction projects that impede traffic and block sidewalks.

Now, a Florida construction attorney will continue to explore the consequences of parking on sidewalks during construction projects. Remember, whether the vehicles in violation are work-related vehicles, your employees’ personal vehicles, or even your own, there’s a good chance that by failing to follow all pertinent laws and statues you could be issued a citation requiring the services of a Florida construction attorney from Cotney Construction Law.

3. Potential Litigation

All contractors in the State of Florida are required to have general liability insurance to ensure that accidents on the project site are covered. This includes incidents involving pedestrians. If you block a sidewalk or fail to give clear instructions about a change in traffic pattern, you could be potentially opening yourself up to a costly claim or lawsuit. In addition, if you fail to provide an alternative route for bicyclists and motorists, they could try to squeeze through a dangerous construction zone thereby putting themselves at risk of personal injury.

4. Increased Chance of Personal Injury

In addition to increasing the likelihood of personal injuries suffered by pedestrians, parking on sidewalks can create dangerous circumstances for your workers, too. When workers return to their vehicles, they have to be extra careful not to come into contact with pedestrians and motorists who are attempting to navigate through the area. Additionally, an improperly parked construction vehicle can lead to a situation where the operator is put at risk of injury. On the other hand, when navigating back into the active building zone, they could come into contact with a pedestrian or motorist putting both parties at risk.

Contractors must keep close vigil over their construction sites to ensure that workers are compliant with all local laws. This includes rules designating where workers can park their vehicles, which typically doesn’t include sidewalks among other areas. If you have been targeted by a lawsuit related to your construction site, consult a Florida construction attorney.

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