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4 Tips for Strengthening Your Construction Brand Part 2

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Developing your brand is integral to the success of your business. With a growing number of government contracts and a diminishing supply of skilled workers, cultivating a strong brand can help boost your firm’s attractiveness to federal entities and prospective workers.

In part one of this two-part series, our Chattanooga construction lawyers helped you set a budget and answer the most important question in branding: what does your company want to be known for? In part two, our team of construction experts will explain the importance of choosing a logo and increasing your visibility across digital markets.

Choosing the Perfect Logo

What makes a logo effective, memorable, and powerful? Your company’s logo is often the first part of your business that clients are exposed to, so it’s imperative to utilize an image that either helps tell your company’s story, or leaves a lasting impression for some other reason (i.e. vibrant colors, iconic image). For example, if your company specializes in residential construction, you may want to utilize a house in your logo. On the other hand, if your company specializes in commercial construction, a building might fit your logo more accurately.

Utilizing your logo to clarify your company’s specialty, either with an image or slogan, can help familiarize people with your company before they even need your services. Another important part of choosing a logo is selecting effective colors that you are comfortable attaching to your brand for a long time. Small Business Trends published an article on the psychology of colors which explained the effects of certain colors on the human mind. If you want to foster a sense of peace and tranquility, choose blue. If harmony with nature, financial success, and health are your focus, go green. We think orange and yellow, which promotes safety and optimism, are two great colors for construction companies.

Take Your Business to the World Wide Web

Once you’ve established a budget, developed a company philosophy, and designed a logo, it’s time to take your business online. Set up social media accounts to spread your brand and drive traffic to your site. Write blogs about construction to create value for your site’s visitors and improve your visibility on search engines. Once people start utilizing your website as a service and a resource, your business will grow rapidly. Establishing a strong online presence takes time and money, but it’s important to set up your business so prospective clients have as many opportunities to adopt your services as possible.

At Cotney Construction Law, our Chattanooga construction lawyers are ready to help you grow your brand. Our team can help you with any construction-related trademark or intellectual property laws for your business, so you can start crafting your brand immediately.

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