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5 Principles for an Infrastructure Bill

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The state of infrastructure in the United States is in critical condition. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave our infrastructure a dismal D+ rating citing a range of issues including a lack of public safety and the inability to support our economy.

It’s time for Congress to take action and draft a new infrastructure bill to help restore our crumbling infrastructure. In this article, our St. Petersburg construction lawyers will explain the five principles Congress must consider before drafting a new infrastructure bill.


Modernizing America’s aging infrastructure requires a broad approach that benefits all socioeconomic levels. Updating all aspects of our infrastructure to provide our communities with safe, reliable transportation and shelter not only creates jobs, it spurs economic growth and helps bolster the middle class.


Efficiency is the key to a cost-effective, timely construction project. A comprehensive infrastructure bill would require the restructuring of any existing infrastructure projects to integrate them into a new, more expansive plan. A series of checkpoints to ensure timely completion could help dissolve any unexpected twists and turns.


Implementing clear hiring and procurement standards to ensure the safety of communities is imperative for the sustainable growth of our infrastructure. Maximizing our community investment by creating construction career pathways in underserved communities will help stimulate struggling communities and bring work to the unemployed.


In order for our country to restore our infrastructure to its original glory, our government must be willing to make a significant investment of capital. It’s been estimated that a $1.3 billion dollar infrastructure plan could add as much as $2 billion to GDP as well as 29,000 jobs.


If we want to solidify our infrastructure for future generations, we need to model all aspects of an infrastructure bill after sustainability. With a focus on long-term funding paths, and how to overcome day-to-day challenges to usher in a more sustainable future, an infrastructure bill can feasibly juggle today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions.

Citizens of the U.S. are waiting for the government to inject our infrastructure with a substantial capital investment. New infrastructure is important if we want to continue to grow and prosper as a country. By following these five principles, our government can start patching up our ailing infrastructure.

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