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5 Things a Regular Lawyer Can’t Help You With Part 1

There are many different types of lawyers, but when it comes to your needs as a contractor, you can’t rely on any lawyer to protect your best interests. You need to work with a Miami construction lawyer that understands the challenges contractors face on a day-to-day basis and can provide you with services geared specifically towards the needs of construction professionals. Other lawyers simply don’t possess the knowledge or experience to handle complex construction-related cases. If your lawyer has to research how to file a mechanic’s lien on your behalf, you can rest assured that you aren’t being provided with top-tier legal services.

In this two-part series, the Miami construction lawyers from Cotney Construction Law will discuss five reasons why contractors can benefit from a partnership with a bonafide construction lawyer with years of experience fighting for the industry. Our lawyers live and breath construction, and many of our dedicated professionals have prior experience in the industry. This personal level of familiarity gives our lawyers unique insights into the needs of contractors and allows us to seek solutions that “regular lawyers” simply wouldn’t consider. 

1. Understanding Your Issue

Construction-related laws are complex, highly specific, and chock-full of industry terms that can scare away lawyers that haven’t taken the time to familiarize themselves on a deep level. If you’re going to invest in legal services, you want to be absolutely certain that your lawyer understands your issue and takes it to heart. You don’t want to be brushed off as “just another client.” You want to be treated like you matter, and at Cotney Construction Law, you do. This is because we recognize that every contractor, subcontractor, and supplier is an essential cog in one of our country’s oldest and most important industries. When you sit down with a Miami construction lawyer for the first time, you won’t be greeted with head nods and legal pad scribbles, you’ll be presented with solutions.

2. Get Back to Work Quickly

There’s nothing more frustrating than stopped work. Your contract has a clearly stated deadline, and you know that your bottom line and reputation depend on your ability to meet this deadline. Whether or not project delays are your fault or the fault of the owner, falling behind is NEVER profitable. When you get stuck in project limbo, your ability to procure future projects could be limited. This can have a substantial effect on your ability to make money. Even if you get financial reparations for damages, you can’t get back lost time. 

Expediency in dealing with disputes is of paramount importance for contractors that can’t afford delays. Our Miami construction lawyers are well-versed in all facets of construction law and know exactly how to deal with a wide range of disputes, including those related to scope of work, contract errors or omissions, breach of contract, change orders, and more. We can even provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options to help expedite the resolution process. This includes resolving disputes privately through mediation or arbitration. Of course, our Miami construction lawyers also excel in a court of law; however, the litigation process tends to take longer than ADR.

To learn more about why regular lawyers aren’t the best fit for contractors, read part two.

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