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6 Signs Your Workers Need Additional Training Part 2

Employing renewed training efforts can help boost productivity, highlight potential leaders, and assess any lingering doubts about your workers’ skills. Continuous training is proven to elevate the overall success of your workforce, whether accelerating production or improving the quality of projects.

In part one, our Orlando construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law reviewed a few ways to identify if your workers need additional training. Part two aims to expand on this knowledge by highlighting three more signs to alert you of any training deficiencies on your team.

Lack of Basic Skills or Application of Knowledge

Occasionally, your employees simply aren’t meeting your expectations. Whether this can be attributed to a lack of basic skills or a failure to apply knowledge in meaningful ways, poorly trained workers need to supplement their meager productivity with extra training. Addressing these needs will help diminish any existing skills gaps in your workforce while simultaneously enhancing motivation and generating positive morale.

New Compliance Regulations

When new legislation is introduced, it is essential to train employees to follow the guidelines of any new policies, especially those dealing with health and safety codes. Failing to educate your workforce on new regulations could result in a lawsuit or significant citations from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). One of the best options for training employees on new compliance regulations is through eLearning modules. These programs save time and money. Plus, they allow employees to access training at their convenience.

Raising Expectations

As markets change and evolve, you may need to raise your expectations to keep up with your competitors. Additional training is one way to showcase what you expect out of your employees in a shifting business climate. Setting new quality standards can make work more difficult, but if you guide your workforce cautiously and utilize effective training measures, everyone will reap the rewards.

Equipping your workforce with the tools to succeed is essential to building an effective team. Monitoring your workforce and identifying when new training is required will keep your team working efficiently. Cotney Construction Law understands the legal and practical applications of training, as well as how to best implement additional training to optimize productivity and ensure your workplace is in compliance with health and safety standards.

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