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6 Steps to Reduce Construction Disputes Part 2

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As experienced Sarasota construction attorneys, we know that disputes are not always avoidable. However, some disputes can be mitigated or eliminated altogether when construction professionals consider the preventative steps discussed in this two-part article. In part one, we discussed upfront planning, identifying risks early, and reading the contract. Read on to learn about the last three steps.

Negotiate Contract Clauses

Whether you’re a general contractor or a subcontractor, it’s imperative that you have your contract reviewed by a knowledgeable Sarasota construction attorney. After reviewing the contract, negotiate red flag clauses such as indemnification, no damage for delay, pay if paid, change orders, and dispute resolution.

Perfect the Preconstruction Process

Due to the many moving parts of a construction project, a high level of foresight is needed to keep projects moving along as scheduled and on budget. Preconstruction plays a critical role in any successful project. Project teams must thoroughly evaluate every element of the project before work starts. Three critical project elements need to be focused on and broken down into sufficient detail: the scope of work, budget, and schedule. Doing so will ensure that the project is executed efficiently and that nothing will hinder the project once construction starts.

Set Realistic Schedules

Over half of construction projects are behind schedule or over budget. Scheduling can make or break a project because any misstep can snowball into delays in subsequent activities. It’s imperative that project scheduling is created early on, but if the schedule is unrealistic, you may as well plan for delays and disruptions. A realistic schedule involves mapping out the entire project with the team, assessing and tracking materials, assessing labor needs, and planning adjustments to accommodate unexpected events.

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