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Addressing the Apprenticeship Problem Part 1

With President Donald Trump’s recent announcement of an executive order designed to expand apprenticeships, the labor shortage problem in the construction sector has had a lot of discussion in Washington recently. As any construction professional knows, resolving the “skills gap” issue will be a critical component to creating the infrastructure of the future for our nation. Solving this issue will also help bolster the best practices for the construction industry as well.

In this four-part article, we will educate you on the apprenticeship expansion initiative and the need to meet the labor demand. In the second and third sections, we will discuss the skills gap and some of the potential pitfalls this apprenticeship program initiative could experience if it is not carefully implemented. In the fourth section, we will discuss strategies to properly put a successful apprenticeship program into effect that can help create the infrastructure projects we will need in the future.

Labor Shortages Can Lead to Needing Legal Counsel

As Tampa construction lawyers, we are dedicated to our clients and their projects. At the most basic level, a labor shortage creates project delays. This may impact a construction professional in a variety of ways including potentially compromising a contractual agreement and resulting in their need for a Tampa construction lawyer. If you are in need of legal counsel, please contact Cotney Construction Law today.

One Million Apprenticeship Positions

Politicians in Washington are focusing on ways to implement new means of creating apprenticeship programs. Federally funded workforce programs that cost billions of dollars of taxpayer support are being replaced by private and public sector initiatives that are being designed to offer young workers the opportunity to secure a high-paying position for the future. Although this initiative is still in the embryo stages, the goal is to create one million apprenticeship positions in the next two years to help combat the labor shortage problem.

Meeting the Demand

The initiative to create one million apprenticeship positions may sound like a pipedream to the casual reader; however, with millions of workers expected to retire in the next decade, the need for these young workers to be trained and ready to take over highly skilled positions is extremely important. Recruiting the young workers is only the first step. Training these young men and women to be competent professionals that enjoy long-term sustainable careers is just as critical. As we will discuss later in this article series, it’s extremely important that we have foresight into the future practices of the industry to know how to prepare our young workers for the jobs that need to be performed decades from now as well.

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