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An Overview of Trademark Class 37: Building Construction, Demolition, Repair, and More Part 2

As our Nashville contractor lawyers discussed in part one of this two-part series, Class 37 trademarks deal with building construction, demolition, repair, and installation services. It’s important to protect your intellectual property (IP) whether it’s machinery, methods, materials, or even your company’s name. Your success is supported by the recognizability of your brand, so you can’t afford to let another business leech off your success by copying your methods or trying to ride your coattails. Fortunately, a Nashville contractor lawyer can assist you with clearance, judicial enforcement, licensing, litigation, trademark disputes, trademark audits, and watch services.

Coordinated and Related Classes

With 45 trademark classes recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), there could be a bit of overlap when it comes to registering your trademarks. For example, coordinated classes, which are those that share a certain relationship with other classes, are often filed for by businesses in Class 37. Coordinated classes include:

  • Class 36: Insurance and Finance Services
  • Class 38: Telecommunication Services
  • Class 39: Shipping and Travel Services
  • Class 40: Material Treatment Services
  • Class 41: Education and Entertainment Services
  • Class 42: Science and Technology Services
  • Class 43: Food Services
  • Class 44: Medical and Vet Services
  • Class 45: Legal and Security Services

Why does this matter? You will have to pay a separate registration fee for each class of goods or services that you register. Therefore, if you are a construction business owner who wants to trademark a workplace poster, you’ll need to be registered under Class 16 as well as Class 37. What about shirts bearing your logo? You’ll need to pay an additional registration fee for Class 25. If you aren’t careful, you could pay the registration fee for a trademark class you don’t require. For assistance with filing under the proper trademark registrations for your needs, consult a Nashville contractor attorney

Consult a Nashville Contractor Attorney

Whether you want to protect your existing IP or register for a new trademark class, our Nashville contractor attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you. We don’t take trademark infringement lightly, and neither should you. Over the years, you have worked hard to cultivate a brand that compels owners to select your services over those offered by the competition. When others try to take advantage of the special characteristics that make your business unique, it’s time for your Nashville contractor attorney to get to work.

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