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Building for the Future Part 4

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Significant urbanization over the last few decades indicates that, within the next 10 or 15 years, there will be nearly twice as many inhabitants of metropolitan areas. As infrastructure demands continue to rapidly expand, construction companies are “under the gun” to complete projects quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

As we discussed in sections one, two, and three, there are many challenges to creating sustainable infrastructure projects for the future, including improving the current status of our national infrastructure, funding projects, and keeping pace with emerging technologies. As we will discuss in this section, meeting project deadlines and effectively managing projects are also primary concerns. Remember, for any of your construction legal needs, contact a Jacksonville construction lawyer today.

Fighting Through the Red Tape

One of the greatest challenges in the construction industry is the often snail-like pace of getting projects underway. Whether it’s permitting, planning, or designing, significant infrastructure projects can take many years before breaking ground. Of course, many projects stall out in the construction phase or take much longer to complete than projected. With plenty of red tape, a project will only face more and more challenges the longer it takes to complete. Of course, another common problem is that by the time the project nears completion the concept has already become outdated. With the current infrastructure problems in America, this antiquated approach to projects needs significant revamping.

Changing the Way We Take on Projects

As we discussed in the last section, the construction sector must adapt to new technologies in order to effectively tackle projects. The same can be said for the way we manage projects.
To nip this chronic problem of delays in the bud, construction professionals must always review their own practices, analyze where they faltered in the past, anticipate where red tape is prevalent, and adapt their process.

Meeting the Needs of Society

With many emerging technologies that aim to speed up the building process, a Jacksonville construction litigation attorney can tell you that it’s critical that the construction sector changes their approach to projects soon. As the needs of our society rapidly change, the construction industry needs to keep pace. With several technological breakthroughs in the last decade, construction companies need to approach projects with the same type of revolutionary mentality. By embracing innovation, we can create infrastructure that is both sustainable and adaptable for the future.

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