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Building Inclusive Infrastructure Part 2

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Inclusive infrastructure considers the needs of all people during the planning, development, and operational phases of high-impact construction projects. Balancing effective timelines for development with the established needs of the populace in your targeted geographic area makes building cost-effective, timely infrastructure difficult.

In part one of this two-part article, our Orlando construction attorneys discussed the role of infrastructure in displacement, the negative effects of infrastructure projects like the Olympics, and simple solutions to our world’s inclusive infrastructure problem. In part two, we will examine the long-term externalities of non-inclusive infrastructure.

Life After Infrastructure

Widespread displacement forces people to leave their homes without any certainty that it will still be there when the construction crews disperse upon project completion. For the lucky ones, life will return to normal, but for many people, things will change after an infrastructure project is completed.

In part one, we discussed the inclusive infrastructure problems plaguing New Delhi, India. Today, pedestrians still face many dangers like newly constructed flyovers that shepard high-speed traffic into the middle of busy pedestrian walkways. In many areas, property damage from construction teams has been left unaddressed for years. Citizens are pleading for forward-thinking planners to reevaluate the city’s poorly instituted infrastructure.

Infrastructure Goals

Infrastructure has allowed our nation to grow by connecting people, encouraging travel, and laying the framework for our economy. Our country’s success is closely intertwined with our infrastructure, but we can’t allow ourselves to compromise the safety of our citizens when we work on infrastructure projects.

Currently, we’re accomplishing many of the goals assigned to our infrastructure, but there’s room for improvement. Our infrastructure should help address vital problems like:

  • Economic inequality
  • Reducing environmental risk
  • Managing changes in technology
  • Improving our networks
  • Protecting the less fortunate
  • Increasing resource quality

If your business takes on a federal contract for an infrastructure project, the Orlando construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law can help you navigate the legal avenues to a successful, inclusive project. Building inclusive infrastructure allows construction professionals to leave their imprint on society for years to come.

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