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Join a leading construction law firm with numerous industry accolades.

Cotney Construction Law is a nationally recognized construction law firm specializing in the representation of businesses and professionals in construction disputes and transactions. We have offices located throughout the U.S. The firm’s practice areas include construction law, litigation, arbitration, contract review and drafting, OSHA defense, licensing defense, bid protests, lien law, bond law, alternative dispute resolution, and construction employment law.

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Be a Part of the Team

By combining innovative technology with a first to market approach to customer service, Cotney Construction Law (CCL) offers employees a chance to be part of something bigger. Obsessed with the happiness and retention of its employees, it is a business that seeks to break the mold and disrupt the archaic and overly-structured world of lawyers. By creating a service-oriented model, CCL is a business partner to its customers rather than a typical law firm. CCL allows its employees to give back via pro bono time and sponsorship of a variety of charities with the idea that the business has a moral obligation to give back its time, talent and treasure to the industry that supports it.


CCL offers a variety of in house and external training opportunities focused not only on professional proficiency but also the marketing and business development of its lawyers. Training opportunities include:

  • Bi-weekly lunch and learns on legal and administrative topics
  • The Mentorship Program where a senior attorney is paired with a junior lawyer to act as a sounding board;
  • Marketing training on how to promote yourself and the firm;
  • Customer Service training on how to provide VIP treatment to every firm client or potential client;
  • Entrepreneurship program which allows lawyers to learn about the business of running a successful law firm; and
  • Participation in a variety of outside continuing education opportunities and conferences.

Team Environment

  • A collaborative, team-oriented mentality with some of the most talented lawyers in the United States.
  • Collectively, we are unstoppable. We work as a team and think as a team; and
  • Unlike many of our competitors, lawyers are not slotted into a hierarchical box where promotion is lock step. Advancement is based on capability not seniority.

Promotion of Lawyers

  • Opportunity for real world learning including customer interaction even as a new lawyer;
  • Pay for all business development opportunities (with prior approval);
  • Individualized, special marketing programs to help develop lawyers; and
  • A unique focus on resume-building of younger lawyers.


CCL has an internal motto of “Humility. Respect. Collegiality.” The idea behind this is that there are no egos – no one is better than anyone else. Some of us may have more experience but we are all part of a larger group heading in the same direction. The management of CCL is committed to making sure every lawyer/employee knows
they are appreciated and respected.

Progressive Thinking

  • Be a part of a business that embraces technology and look for innovative ways to service customers. We are cloud-based and are as close to paperless as we can be. We are always open to more efficient ways to service our clients.
  • We embrace diversity. The reason we are so successful is that we have a group of diverse lawyers that all add to the mix. Our strength as a firm is our shared experiences.

Giving Back

CCL lawyers are encouraged to donate pro bono time to charitable causes. In 2017, CCL donated $132,000 in pro bono time and tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship to industry, veteran and animal shelter charities. “Giving back is the best thing I have done as a lawyer. The cases I’ve won, the honors and awards I’ve received – they all pale in comparison to the satisfaction I receive when I know I’ve helped someone,” says Trent Cotney, CEO of CCL.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

CCL has been blessed with explosive growth because of its unique approach to providing legal services. CCL plans to expand into all 50 states and internationally. When Trent Cotney started the firm, he would tell anyone that listened that we were a 2,000-lawyer law firm, we just aren’t there yet.

“Every morning, rain or shine, I wake up hungry. I am never satisfied with what we’ve achieved as a firm because I know we can do so much more. We are collectively building a lasting legacy as advocates for the industry and affecting positive change. We are revolutionizing the practice of law in construction and want you to be a part of the team!” – Trent Cotney

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