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Case Discusses Differences between Arbitration and Appraisal Proceedings

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation v. Mango Hill #6 Condominium Association, Inc., 38 Fla. L. Weekly D1507c, Case No. 3D10-2630, issued on July 10, 2013. Trial court’s application of the Florida Arbitration Code to confirm an “appraisal” award for roof damages following Hurricane Wilma was held to be inappropriate, and the award reversed and remanded. This case discussed the differences between the more formal “arbitration” and  the less formal “appraisal” proceedings, with the later conferring no right of notice or to hear evidence, and with the sole issue for determination in an “appraisal” proceeding being the value of the loss, and NOT the other issues of coverage and defenses.

(From RPPTL Subcommittee)