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Catching Up with Mobile’s Latest Construction Projects Part 1

Mobile’s construction professionals have been extremely busy lately. With a collection of active projects reaching their conclusion, and a swath of new projects coming down the pipeline soon, Mobile’s developers are helping boost the city’s economy by bringing new jobs, amenities, and entertainment to residents of the Azalea City.

At Cotney Construction Law, our talented construction lawyers are thrilled to see construction professionals working on meaningful projects. In part one of this two-part series, we will review some of Mobile’s newest, large-scale projects, as well as a few projects that are still in development.

Walmart Distribution Center

Mobile’s largest project will boost employment and container traffic in the state to all-time highs. This $127 million project brings a brand new Walmart distribution center to west Mobile. Walmart executives estimate that the project will bring roughly 50,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of container traffic to the area, an 18 percent increase from Mobile’s record-setting volume of container traffic established in 2016. The Port of Mobile will be a major factor in the success of Walmart’s newest distribution center.


Arguably the nation’s most popular grocery chain, Publix broke ground on a new location in Mobile in late 2017, but it took until the end of the first quarter of 2018 to start serving the residents of Mobile. This project is actually one part of a new shopping center in the Midtown area of Mobile, but Publix is clearly the focal point. According to MAB American Management, LLC, developer John Argo, the project lost “about 130 days” to unrelenting rain.

Amazon “Sortation” Center

Last June, Amazon surprised the city of Mobile with an exciting announcement. A “sortation center” located off I-10, exit 13, was being developed in an industrial park near Mobile Greyhound Park. Although the center is significantly smaller than Amazon’s fulfillment centers, it has provided hundreds of jobs to Mobile’s residents since opening last October. Amazon’s delivery services have since expanded in the region.

APM Terminals

In 2017, the APM Terminals facility located south of downtown Mobile was outfitted with two new container cranes. At the time, the facility was dealing with the fallout of a global cyber attack that compromised their network. One year later, the “super post-Panamax” units are being used on the world’s biggest shipping containers. The port’s shipping capacity has increased substantially as a result.

Mobile is growing thanks to the hard work of construction professionals. In part two, our construction lawyers will continue to explore Mobile’s latest construction projects.

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