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Catching Up with Mobile’s Latest Construction Projects Part 2

The recent boom in Mobile’s construction development has led to a sharp increase in opportunities for construction professionals to lend a hand in a number of new projects. In part one of this two-part series, our contractor attorneys examined four of Mobile’s latest construction projects including the Walmart Distribution Center, a Publix shopping center, an Amazon “Sortation” Center, and APM Terminals.

In part two, we will catch up with more of Mobile’s latest construction projects including the city’s new federal courthouse, renovations on St. Louis St. and Broad St., an Emergency Operations Center, and more.

Mobile Federal Courthouse

Mobile’s new federal courthouse might not be the tallest building in Mobile, but the 155,600-square foot courthouse is a dramatic addition to Mobile’s growing cityscape. The courthouse, located at the intersection of St. Joseph and St. Louis streets, will cost $89.3 million to complete. Fortunately, this budget includes the renovation of the John Archibald Campbell U.S. Courthouse located on the left side of the current project.

Broad Street

The city of Mobile’s plans to restore the Broad St. corridor, thanks in part to funding from a multimillion-dollar federal TIGER grant, are proceeding slowly, but according to the mayor’s office, the design phase is progressing according to schedule. The project is expected to be completed by fall 2023.

St. Louis Street

The federal courthouse mentioned above is only one project on the docket for St. Louis St. The area known as “Auto Alley” is undergoing an exciting revitalization campaign. Renovations of the old Buick building, Ford dealership, and the complex that fills the 400 block of St. Louis St. prove that the city of Mobile is ready to rejuvenate these areas for renewed use.

Emergency Operations Center

This $10.5 million project is the brainchild of Mobile County’s local officials and disaster relief experts. The cutting-edge emergency operations center will be erected on Zieler Boulevard just west of the fairgrounds. Once the project is completed, residents of Mobile will benefit from improved security and response efforts in times of crisis.
Serda Brewing Co.

Last December, Serda Brewing Co. launched their new brewery at an ambitious location on Government St. The formerly abandoned service center was transformed into a sizable brewery, with a packaging facility, pub, and venue to inspire residents of Mobile to stop by and hang out with people in their community.

Contractors in Mobile are rejoicing over the recent opportunities for construction professionals in the area. If you are a contractor looking for work in this burgeoning region, our contractor attorneys can help you fulfill your next contract without any disputes.

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