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COVID-19 Could Increase Demand for Multifamily Construction in Suburbs

In this editorial, we’ll discuss how the fallout from COVID-19 could intensify an ongoing demographic shift, leading to a dramatic increase in multifamily construction activity in lower density markets, such as smaller cities and suburbs. Before you bid on your next project, set yourself up for success by partnering with one of Cotney Construction Law’s […]

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Asheville’s Take on Affordable Housing

The city of Asheville has taken a renewed interest in providing residents with affordable housing. In addition to providing a local guide to affordable housing, Asheville is moving forward with redeveloping city-owned land for affordable housing. Redevelopment is already underway at Lee Walker Heights, Asheville’s oldes public housing development, while several other projects are set […]

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An Introduction to Inclusionary Zoning Part 2

Inclusionary zoning (IZ) is oftentimes a contentious topic. IZ is designed to help balance the housing market for low- to moderate-income families, but it has some considerable drawbacks too. If you’re considering building in accordance with IZ ordinances, a Fort Lauderdale construction attorney from Cotney Construction Law can guide you through the process of IZ […]

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An Introduction to Inclusionary Zoning Part 1

Affordable housing is become more and more scarce in today’s housing market. Inclusionary zoning (IZ) is an important principle of affordable housing ordinances that help create affordable housing in areas where the market wouldn’t otherwise support it. Basically, before development begins, developers commit a certain percentage of housing units to low- or moderate-income residents. This […]

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Ten Things About HUD That Every Contractor Should Know

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) plays a critical role in protecting the foundation of the residential housing market as the insurer of loans for moderate-income single-family home buyers and for multifamily housing, including apartments and townhomes.  Likewise, HUD distributes the federal funds that make up a large percentage of the budget […]

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