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Succession Planning

Should I Leave My Business to a Family Member? Part 2

If you are interested in corporate succession planning in Tampa, you should know that there are generally two types of exit strategies business owners utilize when selling their business: retention planning and buy-sell retention planning. Retention planning is essentially when you keep the business within the family and maintain control of the assets. Buy-sell retention […]

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Should I Leave My Business to a Family Member? Part 1

If you have created a successful company and are considering an exit strategy, many business owners elect to pass that business on to a family member. Family business transfers are a common type of ownership transfer that an estate planning attorney in Tampa can assist you with. In this two-part article, we will weigh the […]

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Succession Planning: What Exit Plan is Right for You?

As a business owner, you started your company, managed the daily operations, and grew your business into a successful enterprise. Perhaps one thing you never considered was your exit strategy. If you are considering retiring in the next few years, you need the services of a legal expert that specializes in corporate succession planning in […]

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Avoid These Estate Planning Oversights

Estate planning is something often perceived to be only for wealthy people. This is a common misconception as every adult should at least have a living will. In truth, estate planning is a necessary way to reduce taxes on your estate and to appropriately distribute your assets postmortem. In this article, we will explain many […]

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