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Communicating the Best Industry Practices Part 1

Construction companies should have two clear objectives when starting a new project. The first should be to perform the work with precision. The second is to finish the project on time and under budget. By successfully accomplishing both of these tasks, the company will see their profit margin improved leading to more winning bids and more success in the industry.

If only it was this easy.

As the saying goes, “the road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” For a construction company to be successful, there are many objectives both big and small that need to be met. For construction project management, this is a balancing act of utilizing proven methods while integrating new strategies to adapt to the evolving needs of clients. As Naples construction lawyers, we know that this can be a great challenge.

Reaching Company Milestones

In this four-part article, we will offer several strategies that can be applied to help maximize your company’s success. Specifically, we will focus on key performance indicators and how they can help your company reach milestones. In the second and third section, we will discuss how to implement these strategies. In the fourth section, we will conclude our series. For more information on effectively managing a construction business, contact an experienced Naples construction lawyer. Our attorneys can assist you with the bidding process, review contracts, and provide you with the right legal counsel.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

As defined by Investopedia, “key performance indicators (KPI) are a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time.” In other words, these are a form of metrics that the company utilizes to evaluate how closely accomplishments align with their overall business goals. KPIs also help companies determine their cash flow and evaluate their own output versus their competitors. Along with providing an overview of a company’s valuable data, KPIs can also be incorporated on the departmental level to create benchmark milestones for employees within every sector of a company.

Creating Goals For Your Business

A critical mistake a company can make when implementing KPIs is that they will simply borrow or adopt a well-respected practice in the industry and expect that process to create solutions for their company. KPIs are not a “rinse and repeat” formula for success. They need to be tailored to each individual company’s business goals and culture and developed over time. This can only happen with excellent communication. Each branch of the company must effectively interact with one another with concise, comprehensive, and relevant communication.

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