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Construction Law Newsletter – FRSA Victorious at CILB

In May 2015, the Hernando County Building Official filed a Petition for Declaratory Statement with the CILB, asking the Board 1) to determine the definition of a preformed panel-post and beam roof; 2) whether a Specialty Structure Contractor can install this roof directly over existing roofing for site built structures; and 3) exactly what mobile and manufactured buildings the roof could be installed over. The questions posed by the Building Official could have prevented roofers from performing work on mondular buildings.  Therefore, FRSA filed a petition to intervene in the matter.

In August 2015, CILB held a public meeting. In attendance at the meeting were numerous members of FRSA and the Aluminum Association of Florida (AAF).  While the CILB and many in attendance agreed that only a roofer could perform a “roof-over,” the CILB declined to answer the petition on the basis of standing.  Accordingly, no adverse decision was issued that would affect roofers.