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2018’s Proposed Infrastructure Bill Part 3

In 2018, we may hear a lot more about our nation’s current depreciating infrastructure and methods that can be put into practice to steadily improve and modernize our infrastructure over the next ten years and beyond. In this three-part article, we first informed you of a proposed $1.5 trillion bill that is designed to bolster the nation’s infrastructure. In the second section, we discussed the current infrastructure status. In this final section, we will discuss ways the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) proposes that our country’s infrastructure can be improved.

ASCE is devoted to resolving America’s infrastructure issues. ASCE has concluded that there are three methods that can assist with creating solutions for our nation’s infrastructure problem. For more information on ASCE’s mission, please visit their website.

Investing in the System

Estimating a $2 trillion investment gap over the next 10 years, ASCE stresses that we can no longer postpone investing directly into our country’s infrastructure. If we increase the investment totals from federal and state governments and the private sector this is a solid starting ground to begin improving the current conditions. In addition, ASCE stresses that citizens must do their part by paying back into the system via increased prices for “our water, waste, transportation, and energy services.”

The Right Leadership

ASCE stresses that the right leadership will be paramount to improving and modernizing the nation’s infrastructure system. This includes “leaders from all levels of government, business, labor, and nonprofit organizations” to help ensure that all financing dedicated to repairing our infrastructure is being allocated carefully and wisely to the right resources for the best results. Projects that will emphasize a great impact on the “economy, public safety, and quality of life” should take precedence.

Building for the Future

ASCE stresses that it is critical that we always explore new “approaches, materials, and technologies” to create a stronger infrastructure for the future. Improving future infrastructure technology can be considered broad terminology, but ASCE stresses that it is vital that we utilize methods and materials to help recover from hazardous situations or inclement weather. By harnessing the right emerging technologies and positively “shifting social and economic trends” we can create a more sustainable and modernized infrastructure that can expedite the need for significant maintenance down the road.

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