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5 Ways The Construction Industry Uses Virtual Reality Part 1

New technology is permeating every corner of our society and business. We merely have to look at our smart watch, log onto our TV or view our mobile phone to see that. It’s no surprise that technology is starting to impact the construction industry as well. We have been getting a better view of building designs using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in recent years. Now, the use of virtual reality is making a number of functions within the construction industry more efficient and effective.

Virtual reality is the generation of a 3D simulated environment that individuals can interact with in a real way. As it pertains to construction, VR tools generally make several key functions cheaper to conduct and more impactful. In this two-part series, we will review a number of ways in which construction companies nationwide are utilizing VR in the creation of a variety of structures.

Virtual Reality and Planning

Rather than comb through building plans or even BIM models, construction companies can take an architect’s plans and create a structure in virtual reality. This will give both construction and planning teams the opportunity to review a structure and see where adjustments need to be made. Collaboration is enhanced because teams can meet within a virtual model of the structure.

Design changes can be made in real time. This method is much more efficient than the previous method of building part of a structure only to realize that changes need to be made. It also reduces the chances of having the types of conflicts that you may need a St. Petersburg construction attorney to help you resolve.

Virtual Reality Allows the End User Become A Part of the Design Process

Ultimately, end users live and work in the structures that construction companies produce. Allowing them to be a part of the design process is a powerful way of ensuring that buildings meet their needs. This is especially true in the medical industry where a building’s usefulness can mean life or death for patients. An article in Fortune Magazine highlighted McCarthy Building Companies use of VR in the construction of the Martin Luther King Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center in Los Angeles, CA. They worked with doctors and nurses, using VR to make sure equipment was placed optimally throughout the new facility.

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