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Boosting Work Morale on a Behind Schedule Project Part 2

No contractor wants to tell a new homeowner or developer that their construction project has fallen behind. In the event that a project is behind schedule, tension is likely running high and morale is running low. This decreased morale can result in even slower work, unless something is done about it.

In Part 1 of this three-part article, we covered keeping communication a two-way street and making workers feel valued. In Part 2, our experienced Sarasota construction attorneys are here to discuss acting quickly and communicating the opportunity for advancement. You can also proceed to Part 3, in which we’ll explore how safety affects morale and the positive effects of bonuses.

Act Quickly

This is an important tip for two reasons.

First, acting quickly when an employee has entrusted you with an issue is part of making the employee feel valued, a tip from Part 1 of this article. Making an employee feel valued hinges on both your words and actions. If a crew member lets you know about an issue on the jobsite, telling them you appreciate the update is not enough. If you don’t act on it, the opposite message is communicated.

Second, our Sarasota construction lawyers would like to remind you that acting quickly is a critical part of leading by example. If you are behind on a construction project, you obviously want your employees to work as quickly as they can (while retaining the quality of their work and staying safe). If you are setting an example of proactive behavior, responsiveness, and efficient work ethic, your employees are likelier to do the same.

Communicate the Opportunity for Advancement

No one works better than a man (or woman!) on a mission.

Are your employees aware of how they could advance? Do they have a mentor at your company, perhaps someone whose career path they are hoping to emulate?

Not every employee is courageous enough to ask about potential advancement opportunities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about them. One great way to boost work morale is to foster knowledge of advancement in the workplace. When an employee is working toward a long-term goal and purpose, the pressure of a behind schedule project can fuel their ambition rather than simply stress them out. Don’t forget to outline concrete paths for promotion, complete with parameters and conditions. Specificity is key to any goal and also keeps you and your employees on the same page.

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