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Bridging the Labor Gap: Don’t Overlook Older Workers Part 2

An increasingly aging population has become a problem for the construction industry. As baby boomers are retiring from their construction jobs, companies are finding it difficult to find new workers to replace their predecessors. However, this two-part article aims to provide a solution to the growing labor shortage concern for the construction industry. Although older workers are leaving the industry, there are also older workers in the market looking for opportunities.

A shrinking labor pool can pose different legal risks for contractors, therefore, an Orlando construction lawyer is available if you are currently dealing with these types of project hindrances. If you have not already, be sure to read part one of our article.

Training Older Workers

It is important to note that because older workers have more work experience they typically understand work systems, processes, and the politics. Many of them are also open to learning new skills. Training older workers has to be approached differently. There has to be flexibility. Give them options for training so they feel in control. Involve them in the process to where they can contribute by offering their expertise. When it comes to technology, do not assume they are clueless or unwilling. Many of them are more tech-savvy than people give them credit for. When it comes to safety, older workers are more likely to embrace company policies. Again, this is an area where they can become a great influence on younger workers because they have developed greater levels of patience and emotional intelligence.

Embrace the Multi-Generational Workplace

Contrary to what some may think, tension does not have to exist in the workplace between older and younger workers. However, construction management must proactively find ways to make the workplace functional as well as encourage loyalty and camaraderie among workers. A workplace that contains a diverse workforce of young and seasoned workers can also boost productivity.

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