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Chattanooga Construction Lawyer

It’s important for construction professionals to have legal protection. The contract that a contractor agrees to enter with an owner should provide both parties with a clearly written summary of their agreement. It’s also important that the contract provides both parties with an outline of how to resolve any problems that may arise during the completion of the project. If you are a construction professional, hiring an experienced Chattanooga construction lawyer to review or draft your contract can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Contact Experienced Chattanooga Construction Lawyers

Unfortunately, in the construction industry, things do not always go as planned. When problems arise, it’s crucial that industry professionals have a contract that safeguards their best interests. By nature, construction contracts are highly complex and cover a variety of variables pertaining to the parameters of the project. By employing a knowledgeable Chattanooga construction lawyer, industry professionals can relax knowing that their lawyer is considering all the specific details in regard to their project.

Contracts Tailored to Your Project

With over 100 years of combined experience representing construction industry professionals, our Chattanooga construction lawyers have reviewed, drafted, and revised contracts for all types of construction projects. This also means that our lawyers can help determine what terminology or possible scenarios may be lacking in the contract. On the other hand, our experienced attorneys can also review a contract and take overly complex language and create more concise wording that ensures that both parties fully understand their written agreement. This may help avoid disputes in the future over the language of the contract.

Understanding All the Nuances

Another advantage to employing an experienced Chattanooga construction lawyer is that your legal counsel will know how to provide you with protection from the most commonly disputed aspects of a construction contract. These common issues include everything from the provisions of the overall scope of the project to payment schedules to attorney fees to procedures during delays. Any sections that need more clarification can be reviewed by an attorney and resolved before signing a contract.

Ideally, as a professional in any field, you want to ensure that you are being provided with a fair contract that you fully understand and that offers you protection from aspects outside of your control. If you are in need of assistance with drafting, reviewing, or revising a contract, please speak with one of our Chattanooga construction lawyers.

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