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Combating Labor Shortages Part 1

Many of our Sarasota construction attorneys have construction experience in some form or another, so anything affecting the industry as a whole is important to us. This is why we’d like to share the present shortage of skilled labor that is plaguing the industry.

Labor Shortages Continue to Grow

In a 2015 survey, the Associated General Contractors of America stated that more than 60% of construction companies were having a difficult time hiring skilled workers for jobs such as craft work or professional positions such as project managers. The new 2016 survey, shows that worker shortage is still an issue, even more so than last year. So how will the construction industry combat labor shortages?

Reasons for the Shortage

Many people have not opted for a career in construction because they believe a college degree is the only way to be successful. They don’t see a career in construction as lucrative, but it can be a very lucrative option for some people. Additionally, some workers that were previously in the field were laid off due to the slow economy, and because of this, have left the field with no thoughts of returning. On another note, many older workers are retiring from the field and there aren’t many younger workers available, or willing, to replace them. Also, Florida weather plays a role too. Many people don’t want to work in uncomfortable environments and choose to forego a career in construction as a result.

In the second part of this article, we will go over ways employers can combat labor shortage to ensure their businesses are successful in the new year.

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