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Combating Labor Shortages Part 3

As Bradenton contractor lawyers, we know there is plenty of work available for contractors, but there’s a shortage of workers available to do the work. Reputable construction industry sources have already revealed that the shortage is not getting better. These shortages have impacted construction professionals at every level. For example, contractors may not bid on projects due to a lack of labor. On the other hand, projects may get started, but unforeseeable labor shortages may stall it and cost general contractors more money than they bargained for.

Since labor shortages are still an issue, it makes sense for employers to focus on practical ways to combat the shortages. This final installment of our series will do just that.

Educate and Recruit Early

Make construction education available in middle school and high school. Often times, blue-collar jobs are viewed as inferior to white collar jobs, but this is not the case. Jobs in construction can be a viable option for individuals that do not feel college is the right path for them.

Offer Apprenticeship and Training Programs

Improving current or creating new apprentice and training programs to attract individuals deciding between the college track or technical track. Help them to see that with dedication, an apprentice can one day be the successful CEO of a construction company.

Increase Job Security

Gain their confidence by increasing job security. Many workers that were once laid off may choose not to return to the field due to not trusting the industry for job security.

Appeal to Women

Encourage women to enter the field. Construction has long been synonymous with men, but things are changing. The number of women in construction has grown. Women are welcome into the field and have their own support system rooting for them through groups such as the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

Change Hiring Requirements

Many companies want potential employees to have so many years of experience, but perhaps relaxing those standards will make a difference in the amount of talent they will be able to recruit. Sometimes having years of experience may not always equate to a quality worker.

Foster an environment of Safety

Our Bradenton construction lawyers understand the importance of cultivating a safe and healthy workplace. A shortage of workers can have an impact on performance which can increase safety challenges. Workers have the right to complain about a less than adequate work environment so show them that their safety and well-being is your priority.

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