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Computer-Aided Design Technology and the Construction Industry Part 2

As we discussed in the first section of this five-part article, 3D modeling and printing technology offers everyone from artists to engineers great versatility in implementing their design strategies. This software can literally help someone create conceptual ideas from scratch and turn them into real life objects. As we will discuss in this section and in section three, robust computer-aided design (CAD) programs like building design and building information (BMI) modeling can provide construction industry professionals with a visual guideline for their project by creating stunning models that enhance the design process. These models can also offer advanced geometric strategies that can be directly implemented into the project’s process.

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Building Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology

BIM technology is literally changing the way buildings are being erected. Construction industry professionals that implement BIM resources into their projects are greatly benefiting from the design components. BIM programs can assist a contractor, engineer, or architect by creating an aesthetically enhanced blueprint that provides them with a virtual reality experience allowing them to visualize the design before even breaking ground. Of course, the precisely measured mathematical data utilized in this software can directly impact the construction process of a project as well.

Visualizing the Future of Building Projects

There are many benefits to utilizing the BIM strategy in a construction project. BIM technology offers builders an outlet to conceptualize their designs and strategies that assist with meeting building requirements. When industry professionals have the ability to improve or create more effective and efficient models, this will only streamline their building process and create superiorly designed projects from start to completion. Whether it’s organizing documents or creating a visual model of the project that is meticulously specific to every small detail, BIM technology offers industry professionals flexibility, efficiency, and an effective tool to develop projects like never before.

As we continue this series on CAD technology and the construction industry, in section three, we will discuss the expanding role of computer-aided design (CAD) modeling in the construction industry. In section four, we will discuss how CAD programs and 3D printing is leaving a lasting impact on our infrastructure. In the fifth section, we will conclude our series.

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