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Crisis Management: A Must-Have for the Construction Industry Part 1

Every company will experience a crisis at some point during its existence. This is especially true for construction companies, where it is not a matter of “if” one will happen but “when” it will happen. A crisis is the sudden occurrence of any unplanned or unexpected event that causes harm to the company, employees, or the public. The crisis could be a medical/safety emergency, a natural disaster, or personnel crisis dealing with unethical or illegal activities.

Construction companies must always operate with a “better safe than sorry” mindset. Our Florida construction lawyers understand that a proactive way to do so is to ensure that there is a crisis management plan in place.

The Critical Steps to Crisis Management

A crisis can strike at any time; advanced planning is the key to survival. Before a crisis strikes, construction business owners should think about how it would impact their clients, employees, suppliers, and the public. Review these critical steps to improve an existing crisis management plan or to create a new one.

Assemble your crisis team: The crisis team consists of a combination of people which would vary based on the type of company (e.g., construction manager, safety officer, a public relations representative).

Designate a spokesperson: At times, a crisis situation may attract media. It is important that a spokesperson is designated to be the voice of the company. This person has to be competent, qualified, and credible. Depending on the size of the company, multiple spokespersons may be necessary.

Identify potential crisis scenarios: Think about the different crisis scenarios that could happen and plan out your response (from beginning to end) to the situation.

Anticipating a crisis is not meant to be a scare tactic. It is simply a way of preparing you for a potential event that could have a detrimental effect on the operation of your company if not planned for and managed appropriately.

Find out the other critical steps you must take to manage a crisis in part two of our article. In part three, we will discuss what the crisis plan itself should entail and crisis management during and after the crisis.

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