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Drones: Mapping the Future of the Construction Industry Part 2

As Orlando construction lawyers, we strongly endorse utilizing any technology that helps our clients perform their job tasks with more precision and efficiency. State-of-the-art drone technology has accomplished this feat and will continue to be enhanced and even more resourceful in the near future. With remarkable functionality, these drone cameras can provide a lot more than just breathtaking viewpoints of a construction site. With groundbreaking technology, drones provide construction professionals with cost-effective access to invaluable information pertaining to their worksite.

Revolutionary Technology

When it comes to drone technology, companies like Skycatch are changing the game. Assisting construction, mining, and energy companies on location, the technology creates maps and 3D models that give industry professionals not only every vantage point they could desire, but also all the logistics, measurements, and terrain details that they need to implement their strategies. Skycatch drones provide builders with the following types of data.

TIFF: These high-resolution maps are real-life blueprints that allow planning and tracking.

PDF: This format allows builders to create markups and calculations while also featuring computer-aided design to assist with measuring and mapping out the planned project.

LAS and OBJ: Utilizing “photorealistic 3D model” technology, you can observe your worksite in its raw habitat or provide clients with an amazing visual detail of the look you are going for.

Contour Map, DSM, and DTM: Whether you desire to observe the site elevation, “terrain analysis,” or other on-site resources, the technology can remove any structural and vegetation objects above ground to observe the site’s natural habitat.

Seamless Integration

Like any groundbreaking technology of today, Skycatch’s drone technology also features seamless integration. Connected with cloud-based technology, an aerial drone can capture breathtaking footage, the data is uploaded to the cloud, and can be accessed, shared, downloaded, and organized from a web browser. Whether it’s accessing the information at the worksite from a tablet or checking your smartphone while waiting at a stoplight, this drone technology enhances construction professionals daily workflow keeping everybody up to date and connected to the logistics of a project.

As we discussed in the first section of this three-part article, there are many benefits to utilizing drones on construction sites. In the right hands, drone technology can provide a contractor with not only a blueprint of their worksite, but an enhanced database that produces solutions for their production needs. As we discuss in the final section, the future is very bright for drone technology when its coupled with the construction industry.

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