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Florida Wage and Hour Laws

In some cases, employers take advantage of their employees in a variety of ways when it comes to honoring wage and hour law requirements. It’s important for employees to know their rights and whether or not their employer is paying them properly for the work they have performed. Our attorneys understand Florida wage and hour laws and we can assist you with determining if you are owed additional compensation from your employer.

Federal and State Wage Laws

It’s important for employees to understand that their employer must comply with federal and state laws pertaining to wage and hour-related issues. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the federal law that defines that the minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour. In Florida, the minimum wage is currently $8.25 per hour. Although Florida does not have a legal limit for the number of hours a person can work per week, if you are a non-exempt worker in Florida, your employer is required to pay you 1.5 times the usual hourly rate for additional hours worked above the 40-hour workweek.

Ways Employers Can Affect the Wage Total

Whether it’s accidental or deliberate, many employers require certain work policies that impact the total earnings of their employees or prohibit them from earning the total pay they deserve. Although many employees may be unaware, a number of these tactics are illegal and could be considered a serious violation of wage theft. Wage theft can be classified as the failure to pay overtime, having a fixed wage that results in less than $8.25 per hour (in Florida), misclassifying the employment status of an employee, or failure to provide break times. These are just a few of the numerous ways an employer may limit the total earnings of their employees.

Florida Wage and Hour Laws

Because wage and hour issues and various avenues of employment law are quite dense, it’s important to seek an attorney that understands Florida wage and hour laws. Our law firm can assist you with determining if you have a case for wage theft. If you do have a case, one of our wage and hour attorneys can file a claim on your behalf or we can file a private lawsuit against your employer to seek damages for their wage and hour violations. Wage and hour issues can be stressful, our law firm is here to help you.

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