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Getting Millennials Interested In the Construction Industry Part 2

With people flocking to urban areas throughout the country, the commercial and residential construction industries are booming. Yet, there are not enough workers to fill the roles needed to meet this demand. A recent study in Britain indicated that there were 324,000 less construction workers than there were before the Great Recessions of the late 2000s. A possible solution to this problem is the influx of millennials currently hitting the job market in search of innovative, tech-savvy opportunities. However, long held perceptions of the construction industry do not appeal to today’s young professional.

As Jacksonville construction lawyers, we’ve seen a great number of trends in this industry and have identified several actions that can help construction companies attract millennial employees.

Promote Upward Mobility

To some, the construction industry is perceived as a large group of laborers doing “grunt work.” The industry doesn’t always show the path to leadership outside of starting a company or becoming an independent contractor. It’s important for companies to show a clear path from the job site to the office. A defined training and mentorship program and organizational charts can help.

Promote Safety

Some people feel that construction is a physically taxing and dangerous profession. While certain aspects of that are true, there are measures that can be put in place to promote a safer work environment. Hire a safety officer for your construction sites. When recruiting millennials, promote your safety record and commitment to safety. This would go a long way in raising the prestige of the industry.

Invest in Training

Training, especially in cutting edge technologies, is particularly attractive to millennials. For this group to value jobs in the construction industry, they must feel that the job contributes as much to them as they are contributing to the job. Learning about new software being used by innovative construction companies raises the profile of this industry. Combining that with the stability and growth of the construction industry will make it an attractive choice for millennials.

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