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Green Building Trends of 2018 Part 2

Green building is a growing trend that shows no sign of stopping. In fact, the demand for green building is projected to grow even more rapidly between 2018 and 2022.

This four-part article explores some of the most promising trends in green building, and this is the second section. In Part 1, we discussed the benefits of green building, AirFlow Panels, and Allura Fiber Cement Siding. Today our Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers will cover Bautex Block Wall Systems and improved indoor air quality for workers. You can also skip to Part 3 or Part 4 for additional green building strategies, materials, and technologies.

Bautex Block Wall Systems

As a construction professional, you already know the pros of using insulating concrete block wall systems. The Bautex Block is an excellent example. These lightweight composite blocks give builders and contractors the following benefits:

  • High performance
  • Strength
  • Easy installation

Not only do Bautex blocks streamline and simplify the building process, but they are also fire-rated, storm-resistant, and noise-reducing. These qualities add inherent value in the eyes of any potential buyer or future inhabitant.

Owners and occupants will also be impressed by the following benefits:

  • Faster completion of home or other building
  • Healthier and quieter buildings
  • Higher cost savings and energy efficiency
  • Protection from exterior air and moisture problems
  • Protection from fires and storms

Improved Indoor Air Quality for Workers

Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health conducted long-term, large-scale research that indicated a strong relationship between indoor air quality and employee productivity.

The studies proved that a doubling of cognitive function test scores can be achieved at a cost of between $14 and $40 per person per year. The impressive results showed that this minor investment can result in as much as $6,500 per person per year in the equivalent of improved productivity. In the future, we can expect far more employers to ask questions about indoor air quality in the buildings they construct, buy, or lease. Because of these studies, construction professionals now also have a tool for enhancing property values through better air quality.

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