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Green Building Trends of 2018 Part 3

As the momentum surrounding green building continues to intensify, an ever-increasing amount of technologies, materials, and ideas are emerging. This four-part article explores some of the most promising trends in green building, from materials to technologies to cutting-edge studies.

If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2, we advise starting from the beginning. Today in Part 3, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys will address some of the most exciting new building materials and systems. Part 4 will conclude the series.

Grayworks Modular Graywater System

Though different graywater systems exist, the Grayworks Modular Graywater System brings something new to the table. It has simplified water reuse in commercial buildings using a compact modular plug-and-play design.

Grayworks systems vary from one another in terms of output; some can treat 1,000 gallons of water per day while others can treat 10,000. The package is comprised of a self-cleaning vortex pre-filter, proprietary bioreactor, a second round of filtration (used to remove remaining solids), and disinfecting ultraviolet light. Since most codes require a chlorine treatment for indoor water reuse, Grayworks also provides an optional chlorine treatment and dye system. The dye designates the water as graywater.

Kebony Modified Wood

Wood isn’t typically seen as an environmentally friendly material, especially when it’s sourced from over-harvested areas. That said, wood will arguably never go out of style aesthetically speaking.

Kebony has provided a perfect solution that encompasses the best of both worlds. The company takes highly sustainable softwoods and treats them with a bio-liquid to create a wood that stretches the boundaries of what natural wood is capable of doing. The result is the strength and luxury of hardwood, without the harm to the environment.

Malarkey Roofing Shingles

A building’s roof can be a powerful player in temperature regulation. The sun’s rays heat more than just a building’s exterior and roof; particularly in sunny locations, they can heat up attics and entire top floors. Malarkey’s Ecoasis roofing shingles help reflect the sun’s strong, damaging rays to help keep buildings cooler. This can translate into significant energy (and thereby financial) savings over time.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

This modern twist on a longtime classic marries the traditional charm of wood with sustainability, a sought-after environmental stamp of approval.

Many homeowners and business owners love the idea of a unique and visually appealing reclaimed wood wall panel, made with wood from floors, barns, shipping material, and other areas where the wood’s character shows some wear and character indicative of its previous use.

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