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High Paying Jobs in the Construction Industry (Part 2)

There is a significant labor shortage problem in the construction industry and it needs to be fixed immediately. There simply are not enough qualified applicants for open positions to choose from resulting in contractors experiencing project delays, missing out on contracts, or being forced to hire unqualified applicants. As employers already know, inexperienced workers on your jobsite will only increase your prospect of needing to speak with a Birmingham contractor attorney.

In this three-part article, we first focused on a few practical yet profitable occupations every home or business relies on for service and repair. In this section, we will detail some positions that are critical to construction building sites. In the final section, we will focus on some skilled crafts positions in specialized fields.

Please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) official website to educate yourself more on all of these important occupations.

Construction and Building Inspectors

Construction and building inspectors are employed to make certain that construction work meets local and national building codes and ordinances. They inspect everything from buildings to highways, to sewers and streets. With approximately 105,000 people in the profession, this field is growing at a faster-than-average rate of 10 percent over the next decade. Although this profession typically requires five or more years of experience working in the construction industry, the median pay is $58,480 dollars annually.

Construction Equipment Operators

Construction equipment operators operate the heavy machinery used onsite. Earning approximately $45,000 annually, this is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the industry with a projected 12 percent increase in opportunities expected over the next decade. Although this is often a dirty job operating in nearly all conditions, it is a position many workers can learn on the job.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

The job description of an elevator installer and repairer is pretty self-explanatory. They are employed to install, repair, and provide any necessary maintenance on elevators, escalators, or other mechanical lifts. The annual median pay is among the most lucrative professions in the industry at $78,890 dollars and there is a projected 12 percent increase in opportunities over the next decade.The majority of workers in this occupation begin with an apprenticeship.

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