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High Paying Jobs in the Construction Industry (Part 3)

Most young professionals do not envision a future in the construction industry. As construction industry professionals and as a West Palm construction lawyer, we want the most talented young men and women to thrive in an industry. Failing to employ the right, competent workers will certainly increase an employer’s chances of needing the legal services of a West Palm construction attorney.

Perhaps the best approach we can take to encouraging millennials into joining the industry is by simply educating them on the high-paying jobs they could perform with just an apprenticeship or limited construction experience. In this three-part article, we first focused on a few occupations every home or business needs for service. In the second section, we detailed some positions that are critical to construction building sites. In the final section, we will focus on some trade-skill positions in the construction industry with a high, projected occupational growth rate.

Please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) official website to educate yourself more on all of these important occupations.


Boilermakers provide any necessary maintenance or installation of boilers and other vessels that contain liquids and gases. Boilermakers typically begin with an apprenticeship and earn approximately $62,000 dollars annually. Although the profession involves significant travel time, it does have a solid 8 percent projected employment growth rate over the next ten years.


Ironworkers install the structural steel framework for buildings, stadiums, arenas, bridges, and roads. Often working at great heights, it is among the more dangerous professions. The good news is that the projected occupational growth rate is 13 percent over the next decade and the median pay of the profession is around $51,000 annually.

Masonry Workers

Masonry workers build walls, walkways, and other structures with bricks, cinder blocks, and stones. Although the work is physically challenging, the median annual wage for masons is approximately $41,000 dollars. With a 12 percent projected growth rate over the next ten years, it is a reliable occupation as we will need many more structures built in the future.

Mechanical Insulators

Mechanical insulators install and repair the materials used to provide insulation to buildings and other structures. The profession is required for any mechanical system, including piping, HVAC systems, and ducts, that contain air, liquid, or gas. The median wage for insulation workers is $45,430.

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