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How Contractors Can Improve Their Hiring Strategies Part 2

Your employees are the foundation of your company, so it is imperative to find and keep the best ones.

In Part 1 of this four-part article, we discussed character and commitment. Today, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys will talk about screening an employee’s prerequisite skills, the benefits of hiring ahead of time, and checking references. Part 3 will cover how to evaluate your hiring process and think outside the box. The final section, Part 4, will provide tips on making your company appealing to potential new workers.

Evaluate Possession of Prerequisite Skills

Sometimes haste expedites the hiring process and creates more work long term.

No matter how much you need someone, thoroughness is essential to the hiring process. Even if you have some time to train a new employee before a certain project or start date, awareness of their current skill level is still key.

Depending on the role, you may need to administer a sample test to evaluate the candidate’s skill level, speed, efficiency, and problem-solving abilities. General cognitive tests can also prove valuable.

Always Be Open to Hiring New Talent

Construction can be a seasonal industry, but hiring should be year-round.

As discussed in the previous section, hiring under pressure can backfire, because chances are that this urgency will cloud your judgment. It also gives you less control over the situation, leaving you in a worse place for negotiations.

Industry experts advise hiring in the offseason and trying to beat other contractors to the punch. Even if you have to put new workers on the payroll a little bit before you actually need them, this small initial investment can prove more than worth it in terms of long-term gain. A skilled and loyal employee is always worth the extra dollar or two.

Check Their References

Some candidates may be able to present themselves well in an interview, but prove disappointing once actually hired. To prevent this from occurring, it is important to require references and actually follow through with checking them.

Many employers make the mistake of asking, “Well, what candidate would provide a reference from someone who doesn’t have nice things to say about them?”

You may be surprised. Not only can speaking to former employers help you weed out the bad candidates, but it can also help you spot great candidates who may have just been a little too shy, nervous, or humble during the interview.

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