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How Contractors Can Improve Their Hiring Strategies Part 4

Whether you are a business owner, a contractor, or a Boca Raton construction lawyer, anyone can benefit from improving their hiring strategies. It is especially important for the construction industry at this point in time. The labor shortage has contractors vying for the best talent, and staying ahead of the competition is pivotal to your success.

In Part 1 of this four-part article, we made hiring recommendations regarding character and commitment. Part 2 covered the screening of a potential employee’s prerequisite skills, the benefits of hiring ahead of time, and why checking references is key. In Part 3, we discussed how to check whether your hiring process is effective and how to think outside the box when it comes to outreach. Today, the final part of this article will provide tips on how to make your workplace appealing to potential employees.

Stay On Top of New Technologies

Millennials are less eager to work in construction than any previous generation, which is a major factor contributing to the labor shortage.

In order to attract younger employees, companies must make use of new developments, rather than relying on antiquated methods. This means utilizing smartphones and tablets, making sure office computers are newer models, and having a social media presence. Drones are also making waves in the industry.

Provide a Career Path

Few things turn a potential new hire off more than the feeling that they are headed into a dead-end role.

When someone is job hunting, they are considering new possibilities and the pros and cons associated with each. They are often examining their life as a whole. Millenials in particular want a well-defined career path, as well as a work-life balance and appealing pay. Even if they don’t ask, it helps to let your interviewee know the advancement path associated with the job opening. It enables them to envision not only an immediate future with your company but a long-term future as well.

Give People Reasons to Choose Your Company

Company culture is everything. Though competitive wages are a major part of securing and keeping great employees, their happiness is dependent on more than just the number on their paycheck.

Cultivating a great company culture can include any of the following:

  • Giving bonuses
  • Providing excellent retirement programs
  • Going on company outings
  • Providing free uniforms
  • Communicating openly and showing appreciation
  • Keeping a tidy yard and aesthetically pleasing headquarters
  • Providing new, well-maintained vehicles
  • Working with exciting, high-profile clients

Needless to say, different things are important to different people. Make sure to talk to your employees about their likes, dislikes, wishes, and needs.

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