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How To Create An OSHA NRCA Safety Program Part 1

As a roofing contractor, having a safety program intact is extremely important. A safety program is making a commitment to your employees that protecting their well being is your top priority. As your NRCA lawyers, we’ve given you a guideline to follow when setting up a safety program. To view the second half of this article please visit Part 2.

A basic structure for your program should be along the lines of:

  • Putting into action a company safety policy
  • Drawing up rules and practices
  • Holding employee trainings for new rules and practices
  • Describing safety responsibilities for roofing workers and management
  • Putting into action discipline and incentive procedures

1. Company Safety Policy

A company safety policy is a formal statement given by the company that announces their safety values and the structure of their effective safety programs. As a roofing contractor, it is vital to establish a strong safety culture and make safety a front running priority. There are a few things that define a safety policy, such as: a formal safety budget, a safety director, company safety goals, and regular safety training and educational seminars.

2. Work Rules and Practices

In addition to following all of OSHA’s and the NRC’s safety rules and regulations, roofing companies should set their own safety standards. NRCA Safety manuals are available for contractors to supplement the rules in the manuals chapters with their own company-specific rules.

3. Training Workers

This section of a company’s safety program will go over all of the procedures set in place to train new hires as well as current workers. These trainings should go over new equipment rules, retraining workers after accidents, and regular safety trainings.

4. Safety Committee

A safety committee is necessary for companies that want to make safety a priority. Safety committees should include at least one representative from every level in the company and it’s highly recommended that the roofing contractor is a member in the committee. It’s important that all the members have an equal voice and at some point in time every employee should have a rotation in the committee. The main role for a safety committee is to review the safety program and provide feedback on what works and what does not.

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