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How to Set Your Construction Site Up for Safety Success Part 1

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. There are obvious and hidden dangers that lead to injuries every day. Construction employers must go above and beyond to ensure they are protecting workers and creating a safe work environment by addressing the safety challenges unique to their construction sites. In this three-part article, our Miami construction litigation attorneys will discuss ways to ensure your jobsite is set up for safety. We will cover building trusting relationships, conducting safety meetings, and more.

Build Trusting Relationships

Due to tight budgets, the scope of work issues, and hard-to-meet deadlines, the jobsite can become a battlefield. If there is a lack of trust, there will likely be a lack of communication. Where there is a lack of communication, mistakes are soon to follow. Building strong and trustworthy relationships with fellow stakeholders is invaluable. Resist the blame game because, in reality, most safety-related incidents are the result of a combination of factors rather than the result of one act or one person. Whether it is the contractor and the subcontractor, the client and the developer, or the architect, designer, and engineer, the better the relationships, the better the performance. This is especially true for supervisors and their crews.

Hold Regular Safety Meetings

Scheduling regular safety meetings is one of the core elements of a strong safety culture. They also encourage ownership of one’s actions. Site-specific meetings are ideal, depending on the size of your company. Representatives from each trade are chosen to act as an extension of the safety manager to lead and communicate the company’s safety vision and goals as a whole and as it pertains to the specific trade at hand.

Aside from site-specific safety meetings, holding periodic safety meetings designed for all trades will help to break down traditional barriers where trades tend to stick with their own. This way, differing trades can gain different perspectives on safety topics. This also builds camaraderie among team members across the company.

There is more to setting your jobsite up for success; read part two of our article, in which we will discuss resolving safety hazards and reporting near-miss accidents. Read part three to learn about good housekeeping and the importance of record keeping.

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