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How to Set Your Construction Site Up for Safety Success Part 2

The construction companies that tend to have the most success where safety is concerned are the ones that make safety a priority. As Nashville contractor lawyers, we know that an effective and efficient safety program is the result of creating a solid culture of safety. This leads to an increase in productivity and a decline in construction injuries and fatalities.

In part one of our article, we talked about two areas construction companies can focus on to improve safety: building trust and holding safety meetings. This second part will focus on resolving safety hazards and reporting near misses. Part three will focus on promoting good housekeeping and keeping good records.

Resolve Safety Hazards

Identifying hazards is essential for carrying out tasks safely. This must be done continuously as work processes, equipment, and worker dynamics change. To identify hazards and control risks, get familiar with OSHA’s most cited standards, communicate with all stakeholders to eliminate or reduce hazardous conditions, test out machinery and processes before implementing them, ensure risk controls are in place before work begins, and resolve all health and safety issues promptly. Another effective way to resolve safety hazards is to regularly conduct your own safety inspections.

Report Near Misses

Near miss accidents are close calls that did not result in any damage, injury, or illness. So why report something that did not happen? Although no damage, injury, or illness occurred, there was a very close possibility of it happening due to some faulty process, system, or some failure on a worker’s part. The root cause of a near miss incident needs to be addressed and improvements need to be made to ensure a future incident does not leave a worker severely injured or dead. When a company operates on a reactionary basis, an injury or death has to occur to get them to act. However, a proactive company will see these close calls as warnings and act to prevent future accidents.

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