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How to Set Your Construction Site Up for Safety Success Part 3

There is a plethora of information out there about construction site safety from small business owners to large corporations to association groups. This information is needed since the construction industry leads the nation in workplace fatalities. However, year after year, the industry’s top ten most cited safety violations remain virtually the same.

Our Naples construction lawyers agree that changing everyone’s perspective and continuously driving home the importance of workplace safety is of the utmost importance. This three-part article is only a starting point that seeks to add to the conversation.

Read part one to learn about building trust and holding safety meetings. Read part two to learn more about resolving safety hazards reporting near miss incidents.

Promote Good Housekeeping Practices

How do you feel when you enter a business establishment that is poorly maintained? It may be a sight for sore eyes, but it is also unsafe for employees and customers alike. Similarly, every worker plays a part in keeping the construction site clean. A clean and organized site improves productivity and eliminates unnecessary risks. Some effective housekeeping tips include:

  • Slip and fall prevention: Report and clean up spills promptly and keep aisles clear of obstructions.
  • Clear working areas: Keep stairways and passageways free of supplies and other materials.
  • Falling objects prevention: Store equipment and materials properly away from edges and on appropriate shelves to prevent objects from falling on a worker.
  • Eliminate waste: Remove combustibles and debris regularly, empty trash, and recycle.

Keep Good Records

Safety management is required to meet state and federal safety requirements for record keeping. This includes submittals of required OSHA forms for work-related injuries and illnesses. You must document your efforts to comply with OSHA standards. Specific requirements can be found on the OSHA website. Effective record keeping includes records of training, meetings, policies, procedures, hazard identification, and corrective actions taken. It also includes records of equipment maintenance, inspections, incident and investigation reports, and citations.

Companies that develop a comprehensive safety program and employ and train outstanding employees who work tenaciously to prevent accidents will experience safety success. If you have present safety violation concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to a Naples construction lawyer with OSHA expertise to resolve your safety issues.

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