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In Overview of Lean Construction

Want to eliminate common sources of waste and increase the value of your construction processes? Our Brandon construction attorneys think it’s worth it to consider lean construction for your next project.

What is Lean Construction?

The intent of lean construction is to design systems at the highest value while minimizing waste, time, and effort. In simple terms, the goal should be to maximize value for the client while minimizing waste.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing Lean?

Lean principles are meant to guide companies to discover and develop tools and methods to achieve the goals of lean construction. The following can be successfully achieved when lean principles are successfully implemented:

  • Less waste and errors
  • Increased profits
  • A higher rate of safety
  • A reduction in projects costs
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • A reduction in overall construction time
  • More reliable and predictable schedules
  • Increased worker productivity, accountability, and satisfaction

What Are Some of the Challenges of Implementing Lean?

Lean takes time, planning, and testing which requires effort from everyone. Not every company will put forth the effort to implement the requirements for every construction project or company. Some of the challenges that could be presented include:

  • Getting everyone on board with the new method and encouraging teamwork
  • Putting time and effort into training and educating everyone on the new method
  • Staying on course with the new method despite clashes and frustration
  • Notifying outside key people on the new changes (i.e., suppliers, distributors)
  • Poor management guidance and efficiency

How to Successfully Integrated Lean

Lean construction involves a completely different approach to project delivery from traditional construction methods. In order for lean construction to be successful, construction professionals must develop a comprehensive plan of action and put key management in place to carry it out. Management must look at the overall process of the project while keeping in mind the input, materials, and information which will lead to the best results. Customer values and causes of waste must be analyzed and measured. Avoiding access and overproduction will help to trim waste.

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