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Increasing Productivity on a Construction Project Part 1

In a previous article, we talked about various components that contribute to a decrease in productivity in construction projects. As Brandon construction attorneys, far too often we speak with clients about claims that are a direct result of lowered productivity on job-sites. This article will focus on ways construction professionals can increase productivity so that projects will succeed and have fewer disruptions. Part 2 will conclude this two-part series.

Hire the Right People

A competent construction manager is a key to combating low productivity because oftentimes a lack of productivity is a reflection on the inefficiency of an organization’s leaders. In short, managers should be able to:

  • Manage every aspect of a project
  • Communicate with and motivate workers
  • Understand the big picture and plan properly
  • Monitor budgets
  • Represent the company well
  • Interpret drawings and specification and have software skills
  • Solve problems

Sound management is a key to optimizing workers and other valuable resources needed to keep a project on track. Additionally, these same managers need to be diligent about hiring skilled and licensed contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers or else, productivity will suffer.

Make Safety a Priority

It is a given that workplace incidents and deaths will have a major impact on productivity. This is why it is also necessary to ensure you understand OSHA laws to ensure your workplace is always in compliance. We recommend hiring a safety officer to stay on top of federal safety regulations to avoid citations. If you have received a citation, contact a Brandon construction attorney for legal counsel.

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