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Introducing The Digital Punch List

In the construction industry, it’s a continuous battle to complete tasks faster and, subsequently, projects faster. This pursuit, if performed successfully, saves owners and contractors money and builds positive reputations. While construction professionals aren’t always the fastest to adapt to new technologies, the pursuit of efficiency has led to greater experimentation. One new technology that’s transforming an age-old process is the use of digital punch lists.

What is a Digital Punch List?

Traditionally, the punch list has been used as a way to close out construction projects by keeping a running tab of items that need to be corrected prior to the completion of a project. Through mobile technology, the punch list is getting a major boost and becoming a powerful project management tool, not just a rundown of remaining tasks.

A digital punch list is an app or a part of a larger project management solution that multiple users can view and update in real time. Digital punch lists can capture photos and videos of items that need to be completed or corrected, giving construction teams the ability to make more accurate assessments of project progress. This tool also gives general contractors the means to compare their remaining budget with the status of the project as well as capture data that can be used to make future projects more efficient.

How do Digital Punch Lists Work?

Digital punch lists leverage the capabilities of a mobile device to create a punch list that is easier to manage and share. As projects come to a close, contractors can enter information about remaining items in the digital punch list. These notes can be accompanied by a photo or video, if necessary, and then shared with the appropriate subcontractor. When the subcontractor completes the tasks, they can simply check it off on the digital punch list and share that information with the contractor.

Why Digital Punch Lists Work

As we all know in the construction industry, paperwork is a hassle, not always accurate, and easy to lose. The digital punch list removes that hassle by putting all the information in a digital form, making it easy to share. The ability to take pictures allows contractors to gain more accurate insight on the status of a project. Additionally, the data that a digital punch list provides can be passed on to a Jacksonville construction attorney should you ever need to dispute a claim.

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