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Knoxville Construction Lien Lawyer

Like most other states, a construction professional who has provided labor or materials on a construction project but has not received payment for said labor or materials can seek payment under Tennessee’s mechanics lien law. If you need to secure payment, enlist the help of a Knoxville construction lien lawyer from Cotney Construction Law.

Who Needs a Lien Lawyer?

With the exception of 1-4 unit residential owner-occupied buildings, any person who provides labor or materials on a construction project can file a lien in the county in which the property is located. This includes contractors, subcontractors, laborers, suppliers, architects, and engineers. For projects 1-4 unit residential owner-occupied buildings, those who have a direct contract with the owner are entitled to lien rights.

Why You Need a Knoxville Mechanics Lien Law Attorney

Mechanics lien law varies by state. In Tennessee, recording and filing deadlines are different for general contractors and subcontractors. The deadline to enforce a lien is based on whether a person is in direct contractual privity with the owner. If you are required to file a Notice to Owner, if it is not filed on time, the lien is rendered invalid. Once a lien is expired or paid, the party seeking payment must also file a Release of Lien or be held liable for costs and damages incurred as a result of not filing the release.

As you can see, mechanics lien law is complex and the process is stringent; it is critical that you understand your rights as well as your responsibilities for the lien to be enforceable. Consult with a Knoxville construction lien lawyer to stay on track.

Work With a Qualified Lien Attorney from Cotney Construction Law

If you wish to pursue a lien to secure payment for work rendered, a Knoxville mechanics lien law attorney is beneficial because we understand the idiosyncrasies and technicalities that are involved in mechanics lien law. Mechanics lien law is in place to protect you but it is easy to make costly mistakes which could cause you to forfeit your lien rights. Let one of our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys help you secure your lien rights and properly file a mechanics lien.

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