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Leadership Tips for Construction Safety Managers Part 3

Great safety programs are a result of great safety leaders. As knowledgeable Ft. Myers contractor lawyers, we know that mastering safety and leadership skills is the key to success. In part one, we discussed engaging with employees and setting the right example. In part two, we covered implementing toolbox talks and responding quickly to issues. In this third section, we will focus on our last two tips.

Always Look for Ways to Improve

No matter how great your safety programs, there is always room for improvement. Accidents happen all the time and when you least expect them to. Therefore, you should always anticipate what could go wrong. This will require you to stay ahead of the curve and to always be learning.

Stay abreast of OSHA regulations and the most cited violations in construction workplaces. Inspect your worksite and consult with your team members about safety concerns. If you see that an area of safety is lacking, increase your training efforts. The following are additional ways to improve your safety culture:

  • Involve employees
  • Coach employees
  • Encourage accountability
  • Be productive and strive for results
  • Continuously evaluate systems, processes, and procedures

Provide Solutions

Great leaders are problem solvers. They don’t wait around for others to instruct them on what they should already know. When concerns are raised, take charge by offering solutions—not additional problems. It is critical that safety managers respond to safety issues in a timely manner. This requires you to be decisive and responsive. It is essential that you help employees comply with OSHA regulations and perform their jobs safely. When there is a lack of equipment, ensure the proper equipment is provided. When an accident occurs, ensure that proper record keeping procedures are followed.

Practicing these habits will enhance your impact as a safety manager. When you improve your jobsite’s safety culture, you consequently enhance its communication as well. Safety leaders have ample opportunity to engage with employees daily. Taking advantage of these opportunities results in a safer workplace, fewer safety accidents, improved job performance, and good employee morale. This is a win-win for all.

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